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Mainstream School for Your Child with Autism?

Choosing a suitable school for a child with special education needs (SEN), such as a child with autism, is a very important decision. As your child will be spending most of the time in school, the school environment will play a huge part in shaping your child, whether it is a special school or a mainstream school.


Considering Engineering @ Poly

So you or your child has just received your ‘O’ Level results. What’s next?

Are you already considering a tertiary education that will chart the course of your future career? Could Engineering be your preferred choice but you are not sure if you have the aptitude for a course in Engineering? And what are the prospects of studying Engineering at a polytechnic?


5 tips on back-to-school preparation

After the jolly season comes the inertia to prepare for school, as we usher in a new year. Congratulations parents, you have done well in bringing your child to a new level (academically)!