Group Tuition or One to One? How About 2-in-1?

When the time finally comes for parents to sign their children up for tuition, they usually separate into two camps: the Group Tuition Believers and the One to One Advocates. There are pros and cons to both, and the pro of one of them is usually the con of the other.


P1 Registration for 2015 Overview

The Primary One registration madness is here once again.  This year's Exercise would be for children born in 2008, the year of the Rat.

The birthrate for 2008 was 39826, vs 2007 which was not very different at 39490.  So we expect the P1 registration exercise to be close to last year's exercise.


Proficiency in Public Speaking

By Adrian Kuek
Director of Special Curriculum, Mind Stretcher

When 11-year-old Addison Gan started his speech in his lazy deadpan voice, many in the audience were ready to dismiss his performance. It became clear though, by the time Addison finished, that he had delivered the speech of the day. With his inimitable brand of sarcastic humour delivered with a poker-face, Addison had the 100-strong audience comprising his peers and their parents chortling throughout his three-and-a-half minute speech.


S.E.A. Aquarium

The lionfish are “fintastic” killers. They have needle-sharp spines on their fins which inject venom into predators. Uncover other amazing facts at S.E.A. Aquarium, home to over 800 species.

From now till 31st July, buy 2 S.E.A. Aquarium Adult One-Day Pass at only S$50! (U.P. $76). Only available online at


CAL² Way to Effective Study Habits

The importance of learning effectively cannot be over-emphasised. People who learn effectively not only achieve great academic results, they also achieve great success in their personal and work life. It is therefore no surprise that much effort has been put into learning about how people learn and retain knowledge. Effective learning is also something Educaltion Future School is passionate about.


Alternative to Enrolling in Good Primary Schools

Primary One registration will start on July 3. A lot of parents are very nervous because they want to get into their preferred school. Many believe a good school can lay the foundation for their children and inculcate good values. They do volunteer work years in advance and some mimic the actions of  Meng Mu, the mother of Confucian sage Mencius, by moving nearer to their preferred school.

Unfortunately, not all get into their chosen school.

What is the alternative?


What Price are You Paying for Childhood Infection?

On average, a bout of infection that children easily succumb to, such as cough, skin infection or diarrhoea, may set mothers back by S$155.

This was revealed by the Lifebuoy Cost of Infections Study, the first local study on the economic impact of common childhood infections, carried out by Lifebuoy in consultation with the Society of Infectious Diseases (Singapore).


Time to milk it! Why milk is considered one of the best drinks to give kids after exercise

Kids are always on the go – if they are not physically working out with sports activities, their brains are doing all the hard work, with studying, music classes and more.

Now, with the school holidays just around the corner, your kids are likely to be spending more time outdoors with friends or holiday camp activities.

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